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Links to my Friends
Corny Goodness - yarn from corn fiber!
Thorin Tatge - What Is Best?
Dave Romm
Laurel Krahn
Karen Cooper
Laramie Sasseville
Larry Sanderson
Mike & Karen
Chainsaw Bob's

What else is on this site?
ball26.gif Toonerville Comics - My Ebay Massive collection of comics - Silver Age to present
ball26.gif Bento Review
Bento - the art of making lunch
ball11.gif My Zithers
ball11.gif Photo Pages - family pix 
ball11.gif Archives Past obsessions (domain names, refrigerators...)
ball26.gif Scotland

ball26.gif In Search of  Dracula's Castle Planning a vacation in Romania
ball11.gif The Road to El Dorado A vacation in Spain
ball11.gif  St. John 2002 

Hobbies and Interests
ball11.gif Digital Photography - mostly links - tips and tricks - photo management software - etc.
ball11.gif Funlinks - Links to audio files, humor pages, and other amusements
ball11.gif Epinions - my online reviews on diverse topics - a car, a game, a camera, a vacation...
ball11.gif City of Heroes  -  started playing again after 6 year hiatus!  It's free now (sort of)...

Fannish Links
ball11.gif Minnstf - Minicon -Programming-Minicon  24, 25, 37, 39, 40, 41, 44  and now 45
ball11.gif Minnstf Home Page Minnesota Science Fiction Society - Minnesota's longest-running s.f. club
ball11.gif CONvergence Run by MISFITS, another local s.f. club
ball11.gif Moderator's Tip Sheet Dave Romm's online copy. 

Lots of Gloriosa Rudbeckia

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