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ball11.gif Princess Caraboo (movie) The Real Story: Summary - Gutch's Account

ball11.gif Minnesota Public Radio The front page
ball11.gif This American Life All the shows are archived here on the MPR site
ball11.gif Engines of Our Ingenuity Connections-like radio shows - archived

ball11.gif LOTR1 - The Very Secret Diaries Cassie's hilarious expose of what each member of the Fellowship was really thinking
ball11.gif LOTR2?  Really, it's Cassie's livejournal. But she seems to be starting on more diaries for the 2 towers.
ball11.gif In the Uttermost West Another take on LOTR, for Silmarillion fans
ball11.gif Mapquest to Mordor Complete directions from Shire to Mordor in the Mapquest style
ball11.gif One Over Zero: Archives Archive of all 1000 strips in my favorite webcomic
ball11.gif Advice from Francis Child Advice to worried readers based on the Child Ballads
Time Travel Spammer Hoax Museum Wired Dave Hill
Miscellaneous Incompatible Food Trio

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