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I plan to put links here to other bento sites. If you would like me to link to your site, drop me an email at:

I post pictures of my bento lunches on the LiveJournal community bentolunch

In 2010 I discovered the art of bento. It's a hobby that combines food, art, shopping and the Internet - what's not to like?  I also tend to be drawn to things that you can put other things inside of: purses with lots of inner compartments, luggage, jewelry boxes, sugar bowls shaped like rabbits, that kind of thing. I'm not particularly into Japanese food - I just like making my lunch look pretty. But along the way I have been learning to appreciate Japanese food more.

I stumbled on some websites devoted to bento, followed links and discovered that there is *surprise* a whole online community of international bento enthusiasts. There are some wonderful websites with tips about making bento, bento galleries (some of them jaw dropping), and places to buy bento boxes and accessories online. However, what I have had a hard time finding is reviews of bento boxes and accessories. While it's fun to look at pictures of other people's bentoware piled on a table, I'm looking for a little more information. Is that red bento box microwavable? Does it have interior compartments?  What size is it?

So I decided to start my own bento box review site. I hope that other people will send me reviews of their bento equipment or links to interesting reviews.

I started out with pictures of my collection in more or less random order. Now I am rearranging them in order of size.  I've found that a big part of bentoing is figuring out which box to use for a particular type of lunch. Even if nobody else ever finds this site, it's handy for me to review what I own and what I've been using each box for.

Real Japanese Bento Boxes
Large 2-tier Hakoya
Indigo Snaplock
Medium Ovals
Dark brown 2-tier flower box
Little Red Lube Sheep
Checkerboard (Hakoya)
950 ml   details
Indigo Snaplock
Japanese, no name
850 ml  details
Dragon Box
790 ml  details
Medium Floral Oval
no name
700 ml  details
BunnyBlossom (Hakoya)
610 ml 
Dark Brown Flower Box
600 ml   details
Little Red Lube Sheep
580 ml - details - this product  Daiso (San Jose)
Japantown SF gift shop Daiso (San Jose)
Japantown SF gift shop - this product All Things for Sale

Kimono Onigiri (Hakoya) Kimono Long (Hakoya) Triple Tier Mini Box Small Snaplocks
Little Boxes (inner compartments)

Kimono Onigiri
550 ml - details
Kimono Long
540 ml  details
2-Tier Lozenge
(Japanese unbranded)
500 ml - details
Triple Tier Mini
no name
490 ml   details
Small Snaplock Boxes
no name
470 ml  details

Little Boxes

Bento&co - this product San Jose gift shop Ichiban-kan (SF) Daiso (San Jose) Japanese Dollar Stores

Classically American Bento Boxes - Tupperware and Container Store

Tupperware CrystalWare - details
Tupperware Lunch-n-Things details
Clear SnapLock (Container Store) Sandwich Box
7" diameter, 2" deep (960 ml)
11.25" x  5" x 2" (960 ml)
7.75" x 5" x 2" 5"x5"x2"
Bought from dealer. Tupperware website Bought on Ebay. Tupperware website Container Store - this product Container Store - this product

Nesting Green Set - smallest two
Fit & Fresh "Lunch on the Go"
Chinese Takeout Boxes - details
Laptop Lunchbox (original)
7-1/4" x 5" x  4"
500 ml (round), 550 ml (oblong)
9" x 7" x 2"
Sadly,  don't know the brand. I bought this in a supermarket, but they do have a website Free with Chinese takeout from Fresh Wok  (Minneapolis) - and many other restaurants, I'm sure
website - this product

Retired, deceased or given away

Big Snaplock Bento
 [DECEASED] - details
Tomo Tomo (Nakono)
360 ml

9" x 6.3" x 2 (900 ml) 5.25" x 3.25" x 3.5"

From: All Things for Sale From:  Ichiban-Kan (S.F.)

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