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The urge to accumulate domain names is probably like the urge to collect anything else. They're cheap (relatively), it's fun to think them up, they're marginally useful, and other people are out there hunting them too. I have the following domains registered - and I need every one, really!
  • kahnhome.org - the only one that is actually being fully hosted (by ipowerweb.com).  I'm maintaining this as a web presence for my family of origin. Not that any of them have shown much interest in it, but one of these days my siblings will get high-bandwidth Internet connections and they'll be surfing it every day, I'm sure.
  • tatge.org - I grabbed this one for my children. Not that they have shown much interest, either, but they'll thank me some day! Once your family name is gone, it's gone. This one is parked at LowCostDomains, where I have it forwarded to a Tatge family page on Kahnhome.
  • toonerville.net - okay, I admit I'm not doing much with this one. It was my first domain, and I'm sure it will come in handy for something eventually. Also parked at LowCostDomains.
  • gloriosa.net - I wanted a domain that will take people directly to my personal webpage, without having to thread their way through the Kahnhome site to get to it. I picked the name because I wanted something with a concrete image - a flower, a gemstone, a tree - and pretty much all the names like that were taken a long time ago. I really like the sound of the word, too, and the nuances of grandiosity it conjures up. I'm trying to register it right now (9/21/02), but running into technical difficulties. 

  • Update: 10/25/02. Turns out that iPowerWeb, the domain server I love to hate, has added a wonderful new feature. For a mere $10 they will register a new domainname for you and set it up to point to any subfolder you choose in your main public_html tree. This is just exactly what I wanted to do, and can't beat the price! That's the good news. The bad news is that they set the domain up wrong so that it pointed to the main Kahnhome page, and it took 3 or 4 requests over a period of a couple of weeks before they finally got around to fixing it. The first attempt at fixing it didn't work. I pointed this out to them and suggested that they test it after the next attempt. Which they apparently did, since it finally works, as of yesterday. This is absolutely typical of iPowerWeb. They offer so much for so little cost, and they truly seem to mean well, but as far as I can tell they have exactly one over-worked, undertrained person (Jimmy) in their tech support department. 

Domain Registration and Hosting Services 
ball26.gif iPowerWeb free reg for 
1st year
$8/mo My current domain hosting service for kahnhome.org.  A lot for the money, but many features are hard to use, web-based email is inferior, and tech support is pretty bad. However, the server is always up and always reasonably fast.
ball26.gif LowCostDomains $24 new 
$14 transfer
 ---- Excellent domain parking services: email forwarding, domain forwarding with optional domain masking, unlimited webmail accounts, nice online management console. 
SimpleWeb aka
$10/mo The webservices company associated with LowCostDomains. They handle the parking services for LowCostDomains, and also offer a very competitive domain hosting package.
sphere02.gif Links or Reviews 100best-web-site-and-domain-hosting-services
EZBoard Forum on Web Hosting Services
The Hotweb
sphere02.gif NameSecure $15 --- http://www.namesecure.com/ $15  reg+park+email/maskedURL forwdg, buscard homepage
sphere02.gif RegisterFree $20 --- http://www.registerfree.com/ reg+park=$20  URL/email forwarding
sphere02.gif GoDaddy $9 --- http://www.godaddy.com/     - $9 reg/URL forwarding(?) - hard to get info from website
sphere02.gif DomainZoo $19 --- http://domainzoo.com/  $19
sphere02.gif 8.95_Domains $9 http://www.8.95.domains.com  $9
sphere02.gif Doteasy free  http://www.doteasy.com/index.cfm?A=ru1nz  - free 20MB webhosting - no ads, but daily spam
sphere02.gif RegisterClub $10 $70/yr http://www.registerclub.com/  reg= $10, reg/host=$70/yr 50Mb,

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