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Richard Tatge
Studied art at MCAD and the U of M. In 1968 he learned light show techniques in Boston, doing shows with such bands as Sun-Ra, Velvet Underground and the Doors. Back in Minneapolis, he did shows at Dania Hall, The Labor Temple and Cedar Theater with the Center of Consciousness. He formed the Magic Lantern Traveling Light Show in 1988 and has performed at raves and rock festivals across the upper midwest.
Chuck Schlensig
Born in 1952 in Gary, Indiana. Learned light show techniques at the Syndrome in Chicago and at the Music Box in Omaha with the Moose family. Did shows with Pink Floyd, Uriah Heap and Jethro Tull. Joined Magic Lantern in '92 .
Testimonials, reviews and other online references
 the magic lantern traveling light show did the lights for this entire event. they are incredible...all the old spinning oil lights from the 60's...the whole 9 yards. it feels like u are right back watching pink floyd from their first 2 records. not like i was THERE, but i WISH i had been and i imagine that the lights were like these!
to have these two guys come and set up their equipment and do lights for any event u want, it's SO cheap, only about $200!!! sometimes more or less depending on your event. i cannot tell u enough good things about these guys and their light show. if u want something truly special and unique at your event give them a call
richard tatge: 612 827 3228
chuck schlensig 612 729 9978
tell them "the singer from the band, The Blue Up? sent ya :)
Ink19 - review of Future Perfect show at Weisman Art Gallery
The most enchanting part of the Future Perfect events are the light shows -- this time provided by Richard Tatge and Chuck Schlensig. Tatge is a former U of M graduate and has performed with Sun-Ra, the Velvet Underground, and the Doors. Currently, he tours back and forth across the Midwest with his Magic Lantern Traveling Light Show and performs at raves and rock concerts all over the country. Schlensig, also part of the Magic Lantern, has done shows with Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, and rock gods Uriah Heap.
Miscellaneous Past Shows 
Future Perfect  It's a deconstructed installation piece similar to the Weisman shows and features our mine (Jim Anton's Group), Big Daddy Jr and the Spook (Jason Ducklinski, Terry Hannen, and Tim Ritter, Chuck Zwicky, TS, Satoshi Shinozaki, DJ Andrew, Lorren Stafford and narration by Chris Strouth(hey, that's me!). With light by Magic lantern Light Show.

Minicon  Sometime after 11pm, Cats Laughing took the stage in the great ballroom.  I have a feeling I missed their first song, so I couldn't tell you what it was.  Richard Tatge was doing his usual magnificent work on lights.... 


 Magic Lantern Traveling Light Show
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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