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Q: My login was accepted and I'm at the Neomail page. What do I do now?
A. Click on the big blue and red Neomail logo. And don't feel stupid - it's not exactly obvious!

Q: My name isn't in the list below, or I want it spelled differently. How do I do that?
Q: My account is set up as a forwarding account, but I'd rather use webmail.
Q: I would like both a forwarding account AND a webmail account.
A: Click here to send me email and I'll take care of it. 

Having Trouble With the Web-Based Email?  Here's some tips.
Q: Login doesn't work - the login screen just keeps coming back over and over

Enter your full email address:
Make sure you typed your password correctly.
If this is the first time you are accessing your email, check the Private Area of the site to find out the  default family password
Make sure that your site administrator spelled your name correctly when she set up your account (see below)

Family email accounts as of December 8, 2002 forwards to:   forwards to: forwards to:, forwards to: forwards to: forwards to: forwards to: forwards to: webmail account: pickup at forwards to: forwards to:

Still need help? Need an account set up? Email site administrator at